Bert Bush Details

Bert Bush Memorial Trophy (Pairs Competition) Saturday 30th January 2016 from 9:30am

Competition Format:

Grey & White dress code applies to all competitors

24 Players (several reserves also required), drawn into 12 teams of two, pairing
strongest players with less strong players, as best determined by the Short Mat

The first six teams drawn will compete in the morning, prompt 9:30am start, the
remaining six teams will compete in the afternoon, 1:00pm start.

Each team will play five matches of 3 wood pairs, five ends to each match.

Each pair may change playing positions at the start of any 5 end match, but not
during the 5 ends.

Each team will play matches on all three main mats, playing twice on two of the
mats. The order of play determined by the luck of the draw.

Score cards will be issued at the start of play, and teams must enter both their
own AND their opponents scores.  Each five end match is a separate game, so do
not carry scores forward.

In each five end match, the winning team will receive 2 points, drawn matches will
score 1 point each for both teams. In the event of two or more teams with equal
points scored in total, then the team with the biggest shots difference will win.

The winning team from the morning session will play the winning team from the
afternoon session over 21 ends on Finals Weekend.

The cost of entry is £2.50 per person - this covers green fee, tea/coffee, and
trophy costs, and will be collected
on arrival.