Short Mat Friday League

2:00pm  START           4 WOODS                 18 ENDS

Team A1   Team B1   Team C1   Team D1
Bob Cook   Brian Timpson   Ivor Lewis   Eileen Widdows
Joan Cook   John Ferguson   Linda Hawkins   Barbara Gutteridge
Team A2   Team B2   Team C2   Team D2
Ray Evans   Indravadan Patel   Margaret Hossack   Laraine Carless
C Dawes (Kitty)   Eileen Glen   Doreen Mallen   Sylvia Wray


    MAT 1         MAT 2  
31-Oct-2014 A1 v B1   31-Oct-2014 C1 v D1
7-Nov-2014 A2 v C2   7-Nov-2014 B2 v D2
14-Nov-2014 B1 v C1   14-Nov-2014 A1 v D1
21-Nov-2014 C2 v D2   21-Nov-2014 A2 v B2
28-Nov-2014 B1 v D1   28-Nov-2014 A1 v C1
5-Dec-2014 A2 v D2   5-Dec-2014 B2 v C2
12-Dec-2014 A1 v B2   12-Dec-2014 C1 v D2
19-Dec-2014 C2 v D1   19-Dec-2014 A2 v B1
2-Jan-2015 B2 v D1   2-Jan-2015 A1 v C2
9-Jan-2015 A2 v C1   9-Jan-2015 B1 v D2
16-Jan-2015 A1 v D2   16-Jan-2015 B2 v C1
23-Jan-2015 B1 v C2   23-Jan-2015 A2 v D1
30-Jan-2015 C1 v D1   30-Jan-2015 A1 v B1
6-Feb-2015 B2 v D2   6-Feb-2015 A2 v C2
13-Feb-2015 A1 v D1   13-Feb-2015 B1 v C1
20-Feb-2015 A2 v B2   20-Feb-2015 C2 v D2
27-Feb-2015 A1 v C1   27-Feb-2015 B1 v D1
6-Mar-2015 B2 v C2   6-Mar-2015 A2 v D2


This year's Friday League format will be 4 wood pairs matches.
All teams will play a total of 9 matches, split 4 and 5 on Mats 1 & 2.
All matches must be played, albeit at a later date if necessary.
Matches should not be deferred if any of the reserve players are available.
Skips are responsible for rescheduling any deferred match and contact with reserve players when necessary.
Teams may not inter-change players whilst reserves are available.
Points are scored as: Win = 2 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points.
Overall shots difference will be used to determine the winning team in the event of a final points draw.