2013 Club Pairs

It will be the responsibility of the Challenger and Defender to arrange games, not just
the responsibility of the Challenger.
If no reason is given to the Men's Bowls Committee within 5 days of the play by date
as to why games cannot be played, then both teams will disqualified after the play
by date has passed.
In singles games the Challenger will arrange for a marker.
There will be no extensions to play by dates for any reason except where the club has
arranged a game at short notice.
If a player is ill, or other domestic/work/holiday crisis does not leave time for the game
to be re-arranged, then the defaulting player will have to concede.

1st  Round 2nd Round Semi Final Final  
by by by 31/08/2013 Winners
19/07/2013 11/08/2013 25/08/2013 or 01/09/2013  
A Smith        
K Stark        
I Patel        
P Connor        
I Lewis        
J Goodwin        
N Norris        
B Green        
  T Holmes      
  R Lanston      
  G Donnelly      
  P Rackley      
  R Hillcock      
  A Canham      
  R Collins      
  D Chappell      
J Weston        
J Kendrick        
J Ferguson        
D Hitchcock        
J Smith        
P Buck        
W Bond        
R Cumming