2013 Club Triples

There will be no extensions to play on dates for any reason.
Games can be played earlier by mutual agreement.
If mutual agreement cannot be reached, then the game must be played on the play on
dates the defaulting player/s will have to concede.
Please note that the second semi-final, P Buck v J Kendrick, is to be played at 10:30am.

1st Round 0n Semi Final on Final Triples
20/07/2013 @ 10.30 20/07/2013 @ 14.30 31/08 or 01/09/13 Winners
J Ferguson      
B Green      
P Connor      
N Norris      
I Patel      
J Goodwin      
J Smith      
R Lanston      
P Rackley      
I Lewis      
A Canham      
B Cumming      
  R Hillcock    
v D Hitchcock    
  P Buck    
  J Weston    
v K Stark    
  J Kendrick